Monday, October 18, 2010

Feeling good

Things are pretty good right now. I'm totally fine with that.

Monday, October 11, 2010

I'm kinda frustrated right now.

Y'know, I try really hard to contribute to my department and my employer as a whole. For the longest time, I've felt like the IT Bitch, since I'm undoubtedly the lowest paid person in my 3-man department, and yet, I'M always the one coming in on my days off to fix shit. I was finally feeling like this was all paying off and people were taking notice at what I do for this place... All it takes is one little thing though and I'm right back at the bottom.

I have a transponder that allows me access to the parking garage without getting a ticket. It's convenient as hell, but it also affords me access to the garage after hours when I need to be here overnight for a project or something like that. I've had it for 3 years.

Today, I was asked to surrender it, because a new hire needs it and I had the 'spare' (even though I didn't have the spare, I had the one that belonged to my old boss). So now I don't have one. Yes, I know it's not a big deal, but it's definitely a perception thing. Three people in the department and only one doesn't have the magic key to the garage... me, the IT Bitch.

I'm just venting, my boss (who didn't agree with me giving it up) said that he was going to make sure a new one was ordered, but still it's kinda shitty and I'm feeling sorta kicked aside again. Hooray Monday.

I had a work related dream last night...

I received a call from a staff member who was having a difficult time with PCReservation (I'd explain it, but I'm sure you can figure it out, you're a sharp cookie).

I tried to walk them through the problem over the phone, but it wasn't working out. I told them I'd be right down. When I arrived, I asked which PC wasn't working. They pointed to the offending computer... it was a motherfucking toaster oven. I said "Of course PCRes isn't working, this toaster oven only has 8MB of RAM!"

True story.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Two days at court - or - how I made $34.40

Disclaimer: Uh, this is probably going to be one incredibly long and disjointed post. Read it or not, I don't give a shit.

Well, it finally happened. I was picked out of that giant hat the State of Illinois calls the "registered voters/driver's license having motherfuckers... uh, hat".

It was a standby summons, so I didn't officially have jury duty until the day before the court date... well, as long as it was after 4:30PM.
Sure enough, I called and had to go serve the state.

Arriving shortly before 9AM in Skokie (battling stupid traffic on Montrose/Edens for just over an hour), I entered the jury waiting room. Relatively comfy chairs, end tables, vending machines, at this point I was thinking "hey this is alright".

I began reading my book when I was interrupted by Lester Holt (judging by his epic mustache, it must've been circa 1986) explaining what a jury does... At this point, I was pretty confident that I'd be whipping through my book (Top Gear's Richard Hammond's memoir) for the unforeseeable future, I began to relax.

Monday, October 4, 2010

National Taco Day

Holy shit, it's NTD! (yea, that's right, I went there and acronymmed that bitch)
There's really no other reason to post this other than the fact that I enjoy tacos. In fact, I'm going to get some on my lunch break. Ino's veggie tacos are a thing of beauty.

Now, for your viewing pleasure, here's Michael Ian Black with his (incredibly tasteful) essay entitled 'Taco Party'.

Oh, it's also National Vodka Day (NVD, yeah boyyee)... but I don't touch that shit anymore, that dirty bitch of a neutral grain spirit tormented me too many times in college. But, if you wanna go all Russian today, Na zdorovje! (but I wouldn't recommend it).