Friday, February 4, 2011

Shit sandwich

Well, let's see.

So far, this hasn't been the best week ever.
On Sunday, my car was broken into and my headunit was stolen. They broke a window and took it right out of the dash. The left my iPod in the glovebox, my GPS and the radar detector (which was sitting on the dash).

Deductible is $250. Progressive called yesterday and quoted $867 for repairs, they then sent me a check for $225 to replace the headunit. So just over $1000 in damages/loss all for a three year old headunit that averages $75 on ebay now.

I'm driving a shitty Dodge Avenger, the whole interior is cheap, hard plastic. It's a lousy car and it's also way too big. Makes parking in the snowmageddon a real pain in the ass. I almost had to Dukes of Hazzard my way out the window the other day.

Oh yea, we got 20 motherfucking inches of snow overnight on Tuesday. I never want to shovel again. It sucks.

Courtney found three gray hairs on my head last night... first ones. Damn.

Next week, I go for surgery to remove my tonsils, adenoids and fix my deviated septum... I should be off work for two weeks. I'm kinda nervous and have no idea what to expect.

More to come...