Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The bourbon porkan pie.

Okay all you bitches. The holidays are almost upon us. Thanksgiving is a scant few hours away. Naturally, the best way to celebrate how awesome we are is to eat ourselves into oblivion (besides, trying to find blankets infected with smallpox to gift to people is getting more difficult as years pass, so this is the next best thing).

Now, despite being a heterosexual male who is incapable of folding laundry and has never once matched up his socks after said laundry was completed, forcing the daily event of "where are two matching socks?"... but that's not the point... Despite my shortcomings in the laundry department (not owning an iron or even knowing how to use one) I am capable of putting together food that is damn near edible.

Today, I'm going to drop a fucking five pound pan of knowledge on your ass in the shape of a pecan pie. Be warned, this is no ordinary pecan pie. This pie not only includes a healthy dose of Maker's Mark bourbon, but damn near an entire pound of smoked maple bacon. FUCK YES, AMERICA!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

New Years Eve

So I'm going to be spending New Years Eve on the East Coast this year.
Courtney's family lives just outside of Atlantic City, so I'm going to fly to Philly the morning on the 30th and then head to Absecon to kick it Jersey style.

I'm really looking forward to doing something completely different for NYE. I think we're going to stay at the Chelsea the first night, which should be really sweet, looks like a badass hotel.

We might also try to bounce up to NYC for a day, which is cool, since I've never been... in fact, I've never really seen the Atlantic (I went to Bermuda when I was 5, but that doesn't really count).

No idea what we're doing for NYE yet, but I don't care, I'm looking forward to it.

Then we're going to hop in her Turbo Beetle on the 3rd or 4th and drive back to the Chi. Kick Ass.