Sunday, August 23, 2009

Big bucket of fail.

My car has a bad wheel bearing on the rear driver's side. I have 500 miles left on my warranty, but I have 10mm hub spacers in place. I'm pretty sure that if the dealership saw the spacers (which they definitely would) they wouldn't cover the repair under the warranty.

Should've been pretty easy to remove the spacers, but unfortunately, Chicago winters have fucked up the aluminum pretty bad and the spacers have fused to the back of the brake drums. I've spent several hours beating he shit out of it with no success. So today I took a propane torch to the spacer, hoping that heating it would either cause it to break loose or at least allow the PB Blaster to soak in better. Sadly, it didn't work. So now, I have to figure out what to do next.
1. Take it to the dealership, and see what they say (hoping they don't charge me the $75 diagnostic)
2. Buy the $100 wheel bearing and attempt to swap it out on my own.
3. Take it to a shop to have them remove the spacers (assuming it will cost way less than $75)
4. Bite the bullet and pay for the repairs.

Sigh, so yea.

Now I'm just sitting on the couch watching To Catch a Predator. Hilarious, you can see the guys shit their pants.

Oh yea, go see Inglourious Basterds, it was brilliant. I'm going to see it again soon and I'll write a proper review.


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