Sunday, August 9, 2009

What's a stereotype?

Remember that vodka watermelon? Well, we also ended up getting KFC for dinner too. While waiting, at KFC for our food (which will be detailed later) we did note that we were the only white people there. As if our stereotype-laden dinner wasn't enough, a Captain Planet reference led Tom to throw his fist in the air as if to summon the blue-skinned wonder... instead, it just looked like he was throwing a black power fist... after informing him that it was in poor form, he lowered his fist, only realizing 10 minutes later what I actually has meant by 'poor form'. As if it wasn't already a little awkward, the uncontrollable laughter at the black power faux pas definitely drew more attention than we needed.

It's also worth noting that, while delicious, fried chicken and sides while it's 90 degrees and humid out is a really big meal, and leads to an immediate desire to just sleep.
There were five of us, here's the menu: 18 pieces of chicken (3 of which were that grilled stuff), 9 biscuits, two tubs of mashed with gravy, a tub of beans, a tub of slaw and corn on the cob. Oh and a falafel sandwich for the vegetarian of the group. We made a serious dent in it, I believe there were only 4 pieces of chicken remaining and some mashed.

It was time to cut the vodka-infused watermelon. Holy fucking shit, talk about being punched in the face by liquor. Some spoonfuls tasted like watermelon and some just tasted like straight-up vodka. The executive decision to throw it in a blender with some ice to make it more palatable was made (and it was a good one) unfortunately, we were all feeling the effects of too much chicken on a hot, humid Chicago evening, so we abandoned ship.

The chicken dinner was a great idea, but maybe better suited for a cold December evening. Lesson learned.


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